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All Of Us Are Now-Snapshots From A Rock Club

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In the 90s rock clubs were, and in some places still are a focal point for youth culture to embrace art, culture, and life in a unique and intimate way. The Covered Dish was a live music club, an island for many in the steamy swamps of central Florida. Among the football-worshipping hordes of Gainesville, The Dish carved out a niche for alternative culture downtown that brought together the music lovers, the freaks, the ones that got away from the mass culture. These shots were random, candid Polaroids taken by various staff members and patrons of The Covered dish from 1992-2000. The camera was kept behind the bar, fully loaded, and came out whenever inspiration took hold or the moment demanded attention. These intimate images capture a moment, an individual, a feeling, an energy. They are specific to the club and Gainesville at the time, but also represent a universal experience that undoubtedly was occurring across the nation.